Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Say it's Your Birthday

I may have felt like this when you first came home,

(and maybe once or twice more throughout the years), but for most of the last 27 years I've felt lucky to have you as my sister. I got to dress you up...

and find 99% of the Easter eggs because I was taller and faster (especially without a giant, saggy diaper slowing me down - holy moly, what's going on there!?).

We fought and drove each other crazy, but now you're the first person I call when I have news or need to talk. You're my best friend.

Happy Birthday, T-Tay!


  1. Oh Ashley freaken Mo-gan!!! Thank you so much for the post!!! It is hysterical and I love it! Do you see how cute I was...and skinny?!?! Well the last pic of me and the cake was just a horrible foreshadowing of what was ahead for me!

    Oh and the saggy diaper situation! I am assuming Mom was too busy doing your hair and taking care of you to bother herself with dirty me and my poop filled diaper! Yet I digress... Ha Ha!

  2. What a sweet tribute to your sister.