Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tay's Lucky Day?

My sister has always been pretty lucky. She's won things on the radio more than a few times. And, one time when she didn't win tickets to a movie premiere we wanted to go to, she called up the DJ and talked him into giving them to us anyway. She's got skills.

Most recently, she won concert tickets that also came with a chance to win a new car. So this morning my parents, Mark, and I went to Speed Zone in Industry to watch Taylor and the other tickets winners give it a go.

Here's the car - a Ford Escape Hybrid. I loved that it was a hybrid, but not that it was this pukey green color. But hey, free car, right?

There were a couple hundred people trying for the car, and the order was chosen randomly. Tay got #51.

So we waited as one by one they tried their luck at opening the car door with keys they chose out of a box.

Well, I don't have to worry about being seen in the Vomit Mobile, because Tay didn't win. She didn't even get to try her key, which was the biggest bummer, because this guy won. #13. Bastard! But he had such a great reaction that you couldn't help but be happy for him. As soon as the car door opened, he took off running and screaming.

Then we went to breakfast and afterward when Taylor was backing out of the parking spot, another car hit her. Not only did she not win a car today, she was hit by one! Fortunately there wasn't really any damage, but I guess even lucky people have those days.

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  1. I was hit by a car people...I mean really? The sheer irony in that is overwhelming! What's next, I win the lotto and an ATM falls on my head? God - 1 ... T-Tay - 0!