Friday, February 6, 2009

That Kind of Night

It was rainy and cold, so I made soup...

Mark made a fire...

And we were going to watch our Tivo'd Lost, but Mark fell asleep in front of said fire...

I love winter and cozy nights at home :)


  1. Ok first of all, why have I never had any of this delightful looking soup?!? I feel neglected!!! Secondly, how is Mark still so photogenic when he is sound asleep? I've been known to hide my finger in my nose when I sleep...not pretty! And lucky for me Ashley, you were there to get a picture of that too! :0/

  2. Ashley,

    I have to agree with Taylor--the soup looks wonderful. Perhaps you should develop a cook book. You can do your own food-styling and photography!

  3. Your house looks so cozy and inviting- I know I only saw the fireplace but that did it for me. Also love the soup- it looks delish!!!

  4. I agree with Alana, your house looks so inviting! And you should definitely compile recipes somewhere, that looks completely delicious.

  5. Ashley, love your blog. I can picture myself reading everyday, one little moment a day. Agree with all that your place looks cozy. Love the pictures of the soup. I snap shots of the food I cook as well. There is something so satisfying about it. I even go to the point of photographing the vegetables before hand and then the end product.
    - Karin

  6. Thanks guys! I sometimes photograph the ingredients beforehand too, Karin! Let's make a cookbook :)

  7. Ash-
    Any time you need contributions for your cookbook, I'm totally on board! I must say that I am supper envious of your fire place. One day I will have one of my very own & you and Mark will be welcomed to fall asleep in front of it any time! I love the blog so far. Keep it up! I'm so proud of you!