Friday, February 6, 2009


Mark has been wanting to take me to the Arboretum by our house like, forever. So when I had a couple new (for me) photography things I wanted to try out last weekend, it seemed like the perfect time. We went on Monday which was cool because it was pretty deserted so it was easy to get shots I wanted, but not so cool because the restaurant wasn't open, the train station wasn't open, and the tram wasn't running - all of the things Mark was most looking forward to. But the weather was beautiful and the peacocks were out in full force.

"Da plane! Da plane!" Yes, this is the house from Fantasy Island, or at least that's what Mark tells me. How would I know? I was practically a fetus.


This next one is not the picture I was going for but I had to include it for the story behind it. As we were approaching this area there was a teenage couple nearby just kind of strolling very slowly and seemingly looking at different plants. I had Mark go stand in this branchy cave and right before I snapped the picture, the guy says, "We just had sex in there", to which I replied, "Lucky girl." Mark was not amused at first, but then we couldn't help but giggle as we were walking away (very quickly). Aren't teenagers charming?

Anyway, this was my big accomplishment of the day. I got to use my relatively new knowledge of shutter speed to make this waterfall

look like this! Ooohhh...


No doubt I should have been using a tripod with shutter speeds this slow, but I didn't bring mine, so I leaned against Mark. So, definitely not tack sharp, but not too bad, considering.


  1. Ashley Mo-Gan these are some great shots! Kudos to you my friend! I can't wait until you are a super famous photographer and you make millions. Then you can hire your little sister and she can be rich too! Man, this is a great plan.

    By the way...what the hell is wrong with teenagers? You should have punched that guy directly in the throat! Next time...

  2. wow, that's awesome lady! i am seriously impressed! can you do that with lights or rides at disneyland? over halloween or xmas? i will pay you to take pictures of my favorite spots so i can frame them and hang them in my living room!

  3. Hello pro...I'm so impressed. You're going to be a rock star of photography soon, I just know it. So when are you coming to take pics of my kids so they too can make millions?