Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whatever, Alexis!

I was just watching Whatever, Martha, which if you've never seen it, is a fantastic show where Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis, and her friend make fun of Martha. So funny. Anyway, Alexis said to her friend that a fun thing to do on a date after you've gone out a few times is to go to the bathroom, take off your underwear, and wrap them around your wrist like a bracelet so the guy notices during the meal.


I would hardly call myself a prude, but no!


  1. i don't think i could hate this show any more and i haven't even seen it.

  2. LOL! I love that your name is "drooly bear"! And you would most definitely hate it, lady.

  3. Hiya! Fantastic photo your have on the top of this page. It's the same type of blog that Todd and I used to have and in my opinion it's a great way of having a homepage without actually doing all the HTML-creations. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for doing it, I think I might forward this link to my family and friends in Sweden.

    - Isabell

  4. Thanks Isabell! And I appreciate the forwarding! I hope you and Todd continue to update your blog, too! I always looked forward to reading it.

  5. Well Ash of course you would think this was unacceptable...we know what your underware look like and those babies would sure end a date quickly, and might lead to the restaurant having to be condemned! Ha Ha you hate that fact that you told me about this blog yet? :0) T-Tay out!