Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bean Vereen

Ok. I can hear the groans already. A whole post about our cat. I said I wouldn't be that person, but who was I kidding? He thrills me. He's my favorite subject to shoot while practicing and frankly, he's tired of it. While he certainly does his fair share of bouncing off the walls and running maniacally up and down the hall, he also likes to sleep - a lot. So me snapping away in his face is really cutting into his daily 18 hours of naptime.

"Woman, please."

This is Bean's "baby," which was a gift to him from Mark's mom when we first brought him home. He carries it all around the house in his mouth, and rarely is he found sleeping without it nearby.

For anyone who wonders why my arms are covered in scratches, mystery solved. Would you look at those nails!?! And he doesn't make it easy to cut them.

His rainy day TV.

Do not let Mark fool you. He may say he wants to put Bean in the dryer with a bunch of hammers, but they're buds.

And one of him as a baby because I can't help myself.

Ok, I'm done. Thank you for indulging me.

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