Friday, February 27, 2009

3 Things I Can't Get Enough of Right Now


I started drinking a cup a day a few months ago, because of the antioxidant thing, but now I really like it. I'll drink black, green, white, red, whatever. I've tried a bunch of different ones, and this is the one I like right now.

My Wustof Chef's Knife

This knife was expensive, and trust me, I'm not a person with money to throw around, but if you are even the most casual cook (and I'm even less of a cook than that), this knife will change your life. I no longer have to saw celery, I don't crush tomatoes beyond recognition, my carrot slices don't fly off the countertop and under the stove as I'm chopping. I couldn't love an inanimate object more. I'm just really careful using it because I'm paranoid I'm going to chop off a finger. And this is the knife that would do it with the greatest of ease.

Lady GaGa

I tried to put the "Poker Face" video here, because it's my favorite, but I couldn't get a code for it. Anyway, love her. I can't dance but anytime I hear one of her songs, I want to. Good workout music, too (not that I do too much of that, either).

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