Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Under $15 Love

I've picked up a few little decorative odds and ends for the house recently that I love and they're all so cheap, so I thought I'd share.

This little acrylic cup from Target was $1.49. WHAT!? Could it be any cuter or cheaper? I knew it was just the thing to hold pens on my little desk in our master bedroom.

This bookend is from Home Goods and was $9.99. It's onyx and that sucker is heavy. I keep imagining dropping it on my foot for some reason. Sometimes I get a thought in my head and I can't stop playing it. Should I be medicated? Maybe. Either way, I'm not touching that thing again.
This porcelain feather plate is from Kohl's and was $9.99. I have it holding jewelry in my closet.

I don't know why I love this frame so much, but I LOVE it! Like dropped everything, had to have it. It was $12.99 from Cost Plus, and it's on our living room mantle holding a picture of us on our first anniversary.

Finally, this little cup was another must have. It was $3.99 from Home Goods, made in France, and I love the pretty little butterfly detail on it (kind of hard to see in the pic). You also get a glimpse of our recently re-done master bath here. There's a full post on that coming soon.

If you've found something awesome and cheap lately, please share! I love finding new little things for the home.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The weekend was...

A stroll through the town

Signs of Spring

Strawberry-cheese danish

Farmer's market

A new hat, perhaps a little big

Birthday celebration for a boy and a girl - my husband and sister

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The nursery

When we moved into this house we reserved the smallest of the three existing bedrooms (we've since added a fourth...more on that soon) as a nursery. We painted it a light gray knowing it would work for either a boy or girl, then we promptly filled it with random junk that didn't make it into other rooms, closed the door, and forgot about it until we found out I was pregnant.

Then well into the second trimester when we knew the gender of the baby and I no longer felt like I was on my deathbed, we got busy. I didn't plan on using a lot of pink if the baby was a girl, but suddenly I couldn't be stopped. I was possessed.

How cool is that wooden crate with her name on it? A friend made it and filled it with all kinds of goodies as a baby shower gift. Awesome.

We also received three beautiful handmade quilts. We've been given so many amazing gifts for baby Avery from family, friends, friends of family and friends (people we've never met), and several of our neighbors. We're so grateful.

We found the dresser below at an estate sale for $25 (super score!) and I painted it a raspberry pink. It has tons of storage for some of her clothes and extra linens for the room.

And I have to shout from the rooftops about how wonderful the Moby wrap is. I was intimidated by it for some reason so it took me four weeks until today to try it. What the hell was I waiting for!? With a baby that doesn't like to be put down, this may just save my sanity. I'm mobile! I never thought I'd be so happy about being able to do dishes.

And before you judge my appearance in this photo, let me inform you that 14-year-old Pearl Jam concert T-shirts and Hello Kitty pj bottoms are what all the hot moms are wearing. And I personalized the look with unwashed bed-head hair and hairy legs.

Nursery sources, if you're interested:

Crib - Baby Europa - Babies-R-Us
Bedding and Curtains - Pottery Barn Kids
Rug - Lowe's
Gray Dresser - Ikea
Pink Dresser and table under window - estate sales
Mirror - yard sale
Glider - USA Baby
Little Rocking Chair - my Mom's when she was little!
Owl Pillow - Etsy
Pink Pillow with White Flower - Etsy
Monogrammed Pillow on rocking chair - Etsy
Alphabet Print - Etsy
Bird Print - Etsy
Turquoise "Live Laugh..." Print - Etsy

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well that was quite a hiatus...

I was busy making this...

Serious props to all the bloggers that manage to continue blogging regularly (or at all) during their pregnancies. From the moment the little line showed up on that pregnancy test (and the other 3 I took in the following 24 hours because I just couldn't believe it), I couldn't think about anything else. Then almost immediately I was hit with the first trimester curse of debilitating nausea, so if it wasn't napping or dry heaving, I wasn't doing it. And let's face it, I'm a lazy-ass. And I milked that pregnancy for all it was worth.

Anyway, our daughter Avery Olivia was born on January 9th and I knew I had to start blogging again, if for no other reason than her. I want these memories preserved for her. And though I stopped posting, home improvements and projects around here kept plugging along.

So I have lots of things to post, but how regularly it can happen is yet to be determined. I have a demanding little lady. When she isn't sleeping, she's screaming, and unless someone is holding her, she isn't sleeping. Mama's got her hands full...literally.

But it feels good to be back.