Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't take a deep breath

The path leading from our driveway to our front door used to be wavy, cracked hideous concrete. I don't have any before pictures, because I'm lame like that. Imagine it, people!

So a few weeks ago we tore it up and layed down flagstone. We've layed down lots of different flooring surfaces in our five years together, but this was the first time for flagstone, and let me tell you, it's a pain in the rear cheeks. Once you get big pieces down, you have to break other big pieces to fill in gaps, and rarely do those big pieces cooperate by giving you shapes and sizes you need. They're just pissed they weren't good enough to make the cut as is.

Once that was done, it sat there for a couple of weeks while we decided what was going to fill the cracks. Ultimately we decided we liked the look of grass (and it would help prevent water run-off! That darn environment...always in the back of my head). So Mark liberally spread the path with manure and grass seed. You can imagine how good it smells. Oh, and the flies. It's really quite lovely.

So now we hope and wait for grass. I actually thought about moving the hose before taking these pictures, but didn't, because that's how incredibly lazy I am.

More yard improvements coming soon, including the new vegetable garden! Happy weekend everyone!

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