Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plummeting home prices? Really?

Most of the time when Mark and I go for a walk we take the same route. It's uphill (which my thighs need) and it takes us down one of our favorite streets in our neighborhood.

We always pass this very bad patch job on someone's concrete wall, and one day I mentioned to Mark what it looks like to me. He was shocked to find out it was the same thing he sees. Do you see it?

It's Frankenstein (I know, Frankenstein's monster) peering at us!

Are we just crazy and lucky that we found eachother, or is that so Frankenstein? Now whenever we pass it one of us will yell, "Frankenstein head!"

We also pass our favorite house where we always stop and salivate (and scare the occupants, I'm sure). It's a Craftsman (drool), it has a basement, a pool, and a tennis court. It's only a block away from our little 900 square-foot house, but it's worlds away on many levels. We always say one day it will be ours.

Imagine our surprise when we walked by earlier this month and saw a For Sale sign! We're not in a place to be buying a new house right now, let alone our dream house, but we had to call on it. The asking price is 1.6 million. Isn't there supposed to be some sort of housing slump? Apparently our neighborhood hasn't heard the news. So, with that we say, "Goodbye forever, beautiful house!"


  1. what a beautiful craftsman! I wish we had more of that style of house down here in Texas.

  2. Aren't home prices ridiculous?! I totally feel your pain. Home ownership is a distant dream I fear...

  3. That house is just beautiful! Todd, Elaine and I use to take this annual tour in Monrovia where you get to go inside some of the old but newly renovated houses. The prices are way up there, but it doesn't hurt to dream a little.