Monday, May 4, 2009

The Department of Sanitation should pay me


There are many reasons I love my husband. One of the main ones is that he is so accepting of my insanity. With a little coercing (ok, a lot sometimes), I can get him to go along with just about anything.

My latest idea was that when we take our walks we should bring a couple of plastic grocery bags (I still have some left from my less-than-eco days), and pick up trash to prevent it from being washed into the ocean. And HE AGREED. To PICK UP GARBAGE with me. He didn't even really put up a fight . I was kind of shocked. Really, really shocked.

So we set out tonight, bags in hand, and picked up loads of trash on our two mile walk. I had to empty my bag three times along the way. We were passing a lot of people walking dogs, riding bikes, doing yard work. In my optimism I said to Mark, "They will all come to know us as their friendly, neighborhood trash picker-uppers, and they will smile and wave and thank us for our diligent, conscientious efforts to keep our city and our world clean." Mark replied, "Or they will give us the scornful looks normally reserved for vagrants."

He has a way of bringing me back down to Earth. And, he's probably right in this case. I wouldn't say we received any scornful looks tonight, but there were definitely a few puzzled ones. But we will soldier on! We've committed to doing it at least once a week when we walk to our neighborhood farmers' market on Fridays.

What will I do when I run out of plastic bags?


  1. Seriously, next time you do that. Call or email me and I'll join you. I would feel stupid doing it on own :). So, count me in next time... and I'll bring my own bags.

  2. haha. Maybe you could use the bags that food comes in? For example, bags from bread, chips, plastic liners to boxes of cereal.... of course that would step up the vagrant factor a bit. : )