Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just couldn't get my blogging rhythm this week. I have a cold.

I almost never get sick. Really. It's been over two years. I attribute this fact (perhaps falsely) to my lack of germaphobia. I will stick my hand in/on just about anything and then rub my face. Normally it works for me. But something has gotten in, and it makes my head feel like it's stuffed with cotton. I'm giving my immune system the bird.

So I'm home with my tissues and my tea, but this is making me feel better...

And so is this...
I hope you all enjoy your long holiday weekend, and I will be back Tuesday (or possibly before) with lots of new posts, including that giveaway!

1 comment:

  1. No, no. It's the germanphobes who are giving the immune system the bird by not exercising it and allowing it to grow. The whole "what doesn't kill you" adage applies to the immune system most of all. While I personally use Purell when around children (because let's face it, children are icky and made of poison)I tend to not mind soil and dust so much. You're a gardener, you know what I'm talking about. But, yeah, keep it out of the eyes.

    If you want a chicken soup that will cure what ails you you can't do any better than Pho Ga, a Vietnamese chicken noodle packed with herbs and spicy peppers (don't worry it's a good burn).

    The best example of this is served at a resturant in Eagle Rock called "Blue Hen." right on Colorado Blvd.

    Organic. Tasty. Highly rated and very cute place. It's also known to be one KILLER hangover cure. I'm sure Mark will love it, too. The best part is you only have to make one trip. Trust me, just one bowl (and it's a large one) is worth ten of those cans of yellow goop people call chicken soup.