Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Party time

I love parties. I love going to them, and throwing them. It can be stressful, but the planning is such fun for me. I pour over my entertaining books and cookbooks to come up with a theme and menu, then I pull together goodies from all over our house (and sometimes buy a few new things) for decor.

We usually have one or two big parties during the spring and summer, because it allows us to entertain outside, and therefore invite more people since our house is so small. And we have a few smaller gatherings throughout the year, as well as usually hosting Thanksgiving (although my mom does most of the cooking!).

So with the weather warming up, my mind has turned to parties. And more specifically to how people store their entertaining arsenal. Aren't these pics inspiring?:





I don't remember the sources of these next two. Sorry!

I hope to have a butler's pantry or some other way to beautifully display my entertaining supplies in our next house, but for now our party stuff is spread throughout the house.

Most of it is in my office closet, since Mark so kindly built shelves in there for me. He's very handy. I think I'll keep him.

My candles are in a drawer of an Ikea chest of drawers in my office.

Some of my party books on another Mark-built shelving unit in my office:

Cookbooks, etc. in the kitchen:

And another closet in our house full of enetertaining stuff. I didn't clean it up for the pic, cause I'm keepin' it real:

So while my set-up is a far cry from the first set of pictures, it is possible to find places to store your entertaining goods.

How do you guys store yours? Are you lucky enough to have a spacious pantry?


  1. we have a tinyyyyyyyy pantry. our party goods are stored in various places throughout the house - empty kitchen cabinets, a drawer in the sun room, the linen closet upstairs...wherever I could safely tuck them away :)

  2. I love the one with the chandelier! I wish we had a bigger pantry/place to store our entertaining wares!

  3. I love the spice cabinet in the first picture, kinda makes me think I need to make one of my own. I love the keepin it real picture. I have a closet way worse. It is my store all closet that we don't open, ever....

  4. I think the pic with the woman with brown hair is from Domino Mag. I think I remember seeing it there. : )

    Sadly, I'm not allowed anymore party things (or decor in general) because we live in a tiny apartment and are anticipating a move in the near future.

    Love your blog!