Friday, May 8, 2009

Farmer's Market Friday

Every Friday night from 5-9pm, our city has a farmer's market. They shut down the main street and vendors sell their handmade goods and the farmers sell produce. That's why we go.
It's always packed and it's a lot of fun.

I just had to get a picture of these. I had to take it from this weird angle because I didn't want to get the makers of these atrocities in the picture. They are liqour bottles filled with glass beads and made into lamps! Gotta give them props for recycling, though.

These were in the window of a super-cute kids' book/toy store on the street. Sorry for the terrible glare-y pic, but there were people sitting on the ledge beneath these so I couldn't get any closer without standing in their laps. They're a bunch of baby shirts strung on a clothesline that have cute, funny sayings. I loved the middle one that says, "I take the joy out of shopping." I told Mark they should make those for men.

I just love this door to an architectural salvage shop. And the address on it just happens to be my birthday :)

This is our absolute favorite place to have breakfast on the weekends. It's small and gets crazy packed, so if we don't make it by 9am there's a wait, but it's so worth it. They make this waffle with bits of bacon inside and fresh strawberries on top that is heaven, and I've never found a better chai latte.

These guys were selling some pretty gorgeous bikes...

and I fell in love with this green one.

One of the people selling the bikes is a former customer of Mark's business and told him she needed something else done to her house, and asked if they could work out a deal where she would pay a reduced price and give us a bike. So that baby might be mine!

But the real reason we go to the farmer's market is the produce (and the junk food).

Mark buying dinner...

He got potato balls filled with beef and cheese and they came with plantain chips.

Then he had to have this (I'm proud to say I did not partake. I've really been trying to limit the sugar.)...

Then on to buying our fruits and veggies...

I don't know what this is, but isn't it beautiful?

Since we go most weeks, I'm thinking about making Farmer's Market Friday a regular post, but mostly pictures and much shorter from now on.

Anyway, happy weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to my mommy readers. I've never been more appreciative of my mom on Mother's Day than I am this year. If you can, hug your mama!

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