Monday, April 20, 2009

Yikes and Leeks

This is the view from my mom's hospital room. Scary.

That dude on a bike is "security". Anyone walking in front or on the sides of the compound, which is an entire city block, shows him a small, white square of paper, which I guess identifies them as insiders, or they get watched like hawks til they are gone.

Good thing my mom had a very attentive nurse because, I'm telling you, my sister and I could barely be torn from the window. What are they doing in there? What do they talk about? Unfortunately I know a little more than I care to about them from a previous job, and trust me, it's as weird as you've heard.

Now, totally unrelated, this is what I ended up doing with the giant leek.

I got the idea from Martha Stewart. Just cut up the leek and saute in olive oil with salt and pepper. Then arrange cut slices of hearty bread on a baking sheet. Top with slices of brie, tomatoes, and the leeks and broil until cheese is melty. I was supposed to put the tomatoes on top of the leeks (oops!), so as you can see the leeks got a little burned, but it was still super delish! I've decided I love leeks, and next time I will try them on a baked potato as recommended by my friend Isabell.


  1. I wouldn't be able to tear myself from the window either if I was across the street from the Scientology building/home base/alien pod!

  2. It's so weird! There are so many things I want to say about that "religion" and its followers that I've met, but I'm afraid to write it here!

  3. You should try leeks with pearl onions sauteed in a balsamic vinagrette. Delicious! I make it every thanksgiving. -karin