Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The year of fun continues...

We're headed north for a ski trip, in which I will not be skiing, but snowshoeing with the fogeys. Last year's attempt at skiing didn't go so well. Mark will be tearing it up however. I'm very good at sliding down little snow hills on those plastic saucer thingies, though. I'm confident I could go pro.

I had every intention of stockpiling some posts, but I've been preparing for the trip and time got away from me. I'm a terrible multi-tasker. I think next trip I may try some guest bloggers.

Back on Monday with some good stuff for next week. See you then!


  1. sounds like fun enjoy!! and i tried skiing two years ago with my boyfriend...didn't go so well. he loved it and i hated every moment i was on those skis. :)