Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm back!

We had a great time at our 2nd annual ski trip to Bear Valley in Northern Cal. Warning: This is a picture-heavy post. I feel like I always cram too many pics in my posts, but you have to understand that I take hundreds (really, no exaggeration) of pictures just about everywhere we go, so this really is edited.

The boys building a sled track in the yard of the cabin:

Mark testing it out. You can't tell from these pictures, but it was pretty long, and you went really fast.

And this little guy was throwing snowballs at you as you went by:

My first attempt down the Icy Slide of Death was less successful:

Maybe I won't be going pro after all. I could win Olympic gold in tubing, though. It's my thing.

I'm screaming in the above picture, btw. Since me skiing is just tragic, I went snowshoeing instead.

In addition to snow fun, there was a lot of eating. And I have to show you this appetizer my sister-in-law Kim put together, because I want to eat it for every meal, every day. You take a piece of lavash bread, pile on a slice of feta that's been drizzled with olive oil, a piece of sweet onion, and a basil leaf, and roll it up. Insanely delicious.

Nights were spent talking and Olympics watching, which I actually didn't hate.

Good times.

The drive is 7 hours for Mark and me, but it's beautiful, and you pass through lots of old, little Gold Rush towns. We stopped in one to take a few pictures:

We decided we're going to take an extra day next year to hit a couple more of the towns. There were just too many missed picture opportunities in our mad rush to get home before an expected storm came in.

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