Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm in trouble

In addition to my regular part-time job, I just started a seasonal job at Crate and Barrel. It's one of my favorite stores on Earth, and where we registered for 90% of our wedding gifts. When I heard the discount for seasonal employees is 30%, I thought "I can do that for six weeks!"

Not wanting to waste that discount, these are just some of the things I have my eye on.

Possibly the cutest ornaments ever. Felt owls and little squirrels (which are already close to selling out. I better hurry!):

The picture of these snowflake mercury glass votives doesn't do them justice. They're so beautiful in person:

We watched a video about these wineglasses. They're handblown and it takes 20 people to make one! The $6.95 each price doesn't seem so bad once you know that.

While we're on the topic of booze, look at this pretty, pretty ice bucket. I think this one is a must-have for me:

I seem to have a thing for cream and sugar sets. I have about 5 now. I guess I'm unintentionally collecting them. Cute cream and sugar set:Olive oil cruet (love that shade of green!):

Recycled glass jars:

This hurricane is throughout the store with all different types of filler around the candles, like pine boughs, pinecones, cranberries, etc. There are a million uses for this one piece:

I need this decorative bowl:

I've been looking for a fireplace screen, and this is truly the nicest one I've seen. I don't like a huge pattern on there-I want to see the fire. This one is unfussy and timeless:

Geez, apparently I'm obsessed with lamps:

That's not nearly all of it! I swear I'm not going to be buying everything. This is still a recession, and with the new house we're pretty much broke as a joke. But, um, it's not looking like many of my paychecks are gonna be making it out of the store alive.


  1. I've always said I'd do a seasonal job at Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel - but I've never had the guts to apply. I'm jealous! Enjoy! I personally would be replacing our old hand-me-down sofa pronto :)

  2. I love Pottery Barn too. We need a new sofa desperately, but unfortunately the discount doesn't apply to furniture. I was bummed.

  3. Oh dear.... I'm just insanely jealous that you HAVE a Crate and Barrel nearby. Ours is two hours away. Although, if it were closer, I would probably be in the poorhouse. We went downtown Chicago to shop last weekend and the only photo I took on the entire trip was of a bedding set at C&B. Very sad.