Monday, November 9, 2009

Dining Room Update

Last time I posted about the dining room it looked like this:

But with the in laws coming to stay with us last weekend, I had to kick it into high gear and empty all those boxes onto the shelves. I'm sure there will be lots of tweaking (and of course seasonal changes!), but here are the shelves now:

The sliding door between the shelves leads to what will someday be our rec room complete with pool table and bar. Right now it's our "wreck" room, complete with piles of garbage, good stuff that won't have a home until further remodeling, and crap that may never have a home since we gained house square footage in our move but majorly downsized the garage.

And the whole dining room currently:

We didn't continue the wainscoting around to the wall on the right because we plan to widen that doorway to the kitchen when we do the kitchen remodel.

Things left to do in the dining room:

  • Hang a curtain rod and curtain panels above the sliding door before Thanksgiving. This view doesn't scream "relaxing meal":

  • Upgrade the dining set. That's Mark's bachelor table and chairs, and while it serves its purpose, it's a completely different style than the rest of the room. I have what I want in mind and as soon as we can afford it, I'll be doing a switcheroo.
  • Maybe an area rug, but I don't know how I feel about a rug under the dining table. When I think of spills and crummies and another thing to vacuum, it seems like an easy no. But then again, when I'm sitting on the couch watching tv, I'll sometimes see a beach ball-sized dust bunny tumbleweed blow by under there and that's not really appealing either.

I ask you, area rugs under dining tables: yay or nay?


  1. yay for rugs under dining tables (so long as your vacuum has a detachable arm that you can easily get under the table).

    And congrats on an amazing renovation for that room, it looks so awesome! Feel free to come over and re-do our house anytime :)

  2. You rocked it! I really love your shelf staging: functional and beautiful.

    I think a rug would work in the dining room- just make sure that you don't get a really soft/ fluffy fabric.

  3. omg!!! I am in LOVE with your chandelier!!!! love love love it all my friend

  4. I love your dining room. It's so pretty and I love the woodwork, the chandy and the bookshelves. So nice.

    My vote is for a rug in the dining room. I think it grounds the room and it's simple to run the vacuum. =)

    PS - are you going to show us what dining room table you covet?

  5. I agree with having a rug in the dining room. I'm starting to look for a rug for our dining room (and dreading the search!) Also, I LOVE your wainscoting.

  6. I love it! The color and the light fixture are my favorite parts. Oh yeah and the wainscoting...

    I can go both ways with the rug. We had one in our previous dining room with similar hardwood floors and I loved it. But when we took it up because it needed to be cleaned I was amazed how much larger the room looked without it. We were putting the house on the market so we left it bare. But I think a rug would make it more homey.....and it is another decorative aspect.

  7. Thanks girls! A rug it is! And Leigh, I so hear you. It takes me FOREVER to decide on something. Not looking forward to having to make another choice!

    Rach - Texas is just a hop, skip, and jump away. I'll be there! :)

    Kim - Sure, I'll do a post about the future dining furniture!

  8. Haha I guess you've made your rug decision already...and I support it! I agree with Kim that it grounds the room and besides, picking out rugs is pretty fun. I have a whole slew picked out...but no where to put them. Pretty soon you'll see me hanging rugs on the wall.