Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Green living

I've made a few eco purchases lately that I'm kinda excited about, because well, I'm pretty simple and it doesn't take much.

The first one is a fabric shower curtain liner from Target. This is super-eco, because I'm convinced those plastic shower liners are deadly. I would have to hang new ones outside for a few hours before putting them in the bathroom or the fumes would cause an instant headache. So now, not only are we protecting the planet and our health from that gnarly chemical-y plastic, it's also a money saver. We will just wash this fabric liner when needed instead of replacing a mildewy plastic one every few months.

The other two have to do with transporting food, because 99% of the time when I'm quiet and contemplative, looking like I'm pondering life's big issues, I'm really just thinking about my next meal.

This is the Wrap-n-Mat.

It's basically a foldable placemat with a food-safe washable liner that you use to wrap your sandwich. No more plastic wrap or Ziplocs! It's the same basic idea for the next item...

Our new snackTaxis!

I got a pretty one for me and a black one for Mark. They are lined pouches to hold snacks, like chips, veggies, fruit, dry cereal, etc. I plan to load up on these when I have kids so that I can save money and the environment by buying in bulk (less packaging) and putting their snacks in these. Love them!

But, in the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that not all of my eco endeavors have been successful. Last week I bought an all-natural lavender shampoo from Trader Joe's. I think I can safely say I'm allergic to it. After the first (and only) use, my jaw and neck broke out into an itchy, blotchy rash and swelled up pretty hideously. It lasted several days and I still have dry patches from the scratching that I really tried not to do.

I knew my pursuit to be more ecologically responsible would involve trial and error, but yikes. Clearly I have more work to do in finding a shampoo. Meanwhile, I'm back to using the dye-filled, unpronounceable chemical crap that is surely seeping into my bloodstream and causing untold genetic damage, but keeps me from looking like a blowfish.


  1. I recently made this really cool napkin thing that rolls up and has a place to put your silverware. It's cool because I never really liked junky, plastic, disposable cutlery anyway. I outfitted it thrift store fork, knife and spoon so it won't be the end of the world if it gets lost.

  2. we've been going the eco route in some of our purchases too. it's definitely true that some of it works out and some of it doesn't - like the shampoo. I have yet to find anything I can give up my Redken for!

  3. hmmm let me talk to my friend tania. she uses all eco friendly stuff, because she is allergic to just about anything chemical in her lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc. and she has the healthiest, shiniest hair of anyone i know! i'll get back to you.