Monday, April 12, 2010

The weekend was...

Dinner for a friend's birthday. We played dress-up and had a grand old time pretending to be fancy. I even wrapped her gift in a tea towel to suit the occasion...
We also finally hung art above our entry table. I saw Irene's work on another blog (can't remember which since it was a couple of months ago), and I loved it immediately. She does beautiful watercolor paintings (originals, not prints) of many different animals. We went with birds cause we love em. You will die when you see how inexpensive they are, but let's not tell her so she doesn't raise the prices, k?

And yesterday we rode our bikes to the farmer's market and did some much needed yard work before the rain came last night. We also finished up a little project that I'll be sharing this week, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Nice paintings, but I also want to add that I love how your wrapped the gift to Kim. Very very beautiful colors.

  2. Love the gift wrapping Ashely, just lovely! Beautiful little watercolors.