Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Target Goods

I don't think I need to extol the virtues of Target since it seems to be universally loved. I avoid Walmart at all costs because it's ugly and crowded and trying to find an employee that knows anything is next to impossible.

But Target calls to me and I can wander the aisles in circles for far longer than I have any business being in there. I was just in there picking up lots of non-pretty things that I'll be sharing with you soon, but I wanted to show you the three little pretties that did make it in my cart.

The pillow and the canister are from the Liberty of London line because I'm pretty sure there was a law passed that if you have a blog, you had to buy some L of L stuff. Those two items plus the watering can are what really caught my eye from the line. But I didn't let myself get the watering can because I have three already and I don't even need that many.

And the bird house I just LOVE. We haven't done it yet at this house, but we had a haven for birds at our old house, with lots of feeders and bird baths. I can't wait to hang this new house in a tree and watch the birdies find it.


  1. Girl, you are talkin' my language. I can't get enough of Target and all their goodness. Walmart gives me a headache and I lose patience after standing in line for 20 mintues (I timed it once).

  2. O I'm not a fan of Walmart either. I tend to take a detour when getting grocieries at Target everytime. I'm always in there way longer than need be:)Cute finds!


  3. I'm in love with the L of L line, only I can't ever find anything in my Target! Its so annoying, but I love the canister you picked up.

    And funny enough, I just got a bird house/feeder from HomeGoods the other day.

    And you're signing my tune about Walmart too. That place is dreadful.