Sunday, March 7, 2010

Living Room: Before and During

Continuing with the house tour...the living room. It isn't finished, but it's come a long way. Apparently I didn't take the magazine-worthy before shots I thought I did, so they're all mid-remodel.

Another thing to note: I didn't do any styling for the photos, so you'll notice the room looks a little sparse. We still have unpacked boxes with accessories and framed photos that I plan to put out which will give the room a little more color and personality. And I'm on the lookout for some artwork.

Why don't I just get on with it already...

This was the fireplace, which our inspector informed us was a fire hazard because the wood surround was way too close to the opening. Awesome.

We were going to change it anyway, but we had high hopes for what was underneath that surround. Unfortunately, it was this...

Did you vomit in your mouth? It's ok, you're not alone. So Mark mortared over that mess, covered it in marble tiles, and built a new mantle/wood surround. Look at him go...

And he and my dad made built-in bookcases to go on either side of the fireplace. They excite me so. Fireplace wall before and after...

I usually set up the bar on that red tray above when we have parties. Yes, my cat's ass is where I put drinks!

Very large, very blank wall...

I haven't done anything there, because we're going to be demolishing part of that wall in the (hopefully not too distant) future. On the other side is the kitchen, and we want to open up about half of that wall and have a counter top with bar stools for more of an open feel.

What we did in the living room so far:

  • new doors and moldings

  • new paint

  • stained the floors darker

  • redid the fireplace

  • added built-in bookcases

  • changed the window treatments from white vertical blinds to wood horizontal roman shades and curtains

What's left to do:

  • new couch (that one was generously donated to me by a friend many years ago when I moved out of my parents' house, but it's time for an update)

  • a larger area rug

  • add artwork and my accessories for pops of color and personality

Any suggestions of where to get a good quality, not crazy-expensive couch?

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  1. I think its looking great so far.. it'll be a terrific room when ya'll are finished. Good Luck

  2. We got both of our couches off of Craigslist. Inexpensive and you can find some really good stuff! BTW, it definitely does not look as sparse as you think! Looking amazing, and I am lovvvvving the built ins!

  3. So far it looks wonderful. I love the new tiled fireplace and the built in bookshelves. Lurve the two of them.

  4. The new fireplace is gorgeous. And I'm drooling over the bookcases....

  5. Ikea? We are planning an Ektorp sofa purchase soon. I've heard really good things about them and they are slip covered. We don't want white, but the two tan colors are under $500. That's so cheap!

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKCASES. In my future dream house, I will have a fireplace and bookshelves on both sides. I particularly like the way you handled your television. I prefer it on the side like that, at that height, instead of above the mantle.

    I also really like your curtains, they looks awesome up so high. You have such an awesome eye. I need you to come over to my house and help.

  6. Thanks ladies!

    Yes Kim! over the fireplace bug me. I don't want the tv being the whole focal point of the room (not that it's really any less visible on the side) and I don't want to crane my neck to watch it. I'll come over anytime, but you don't need any help!

  7. LOVE your room! Love the color (what is it, by the way?) and the WINDOW COVERINGS!!! Love them! They make the room right along with the new fireplace and built-ins. Oooo. I want the built-ins. And I'd still take a drink from your house regardless of the cat's bum.

  8. Thanks Martha! The color is Babbling Brook by Olympic. And a cat's butt never stopped me from a drink either! :)

  9. LOVE the fireplace and LOVE the flanking bookshelves!

  10. Goodness what a transformation! I love the fireplace, tile, the color of the room, and the dark front door. Really nice job!

  11. Wow, you've done amazing work so far!

    For couches... I'd go to an outlet for quality and price (go online for additional coupons). If you don't have any furniture outlets nearby, try Craigslist and search by your favorite furniture brands.