Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is anyone out there?

I kinda fell off the blogging map for a minute there, didn't I? I've been blogging pretty consistently for a little over a year, and knowing myself like I do, it's a wonder it took this long for me to lose interest. I usually quit things much sooner!

I won't bore you with the kooky workings of my brain...I'll just say I was having a moment where the computer was the last place I wanted to be (I wasn't even reading blogs. I'm so behind!). And I'm not even sure I feel ready to fully commit again, but after some reflection I decided I need this blog for my sanity.

Random things while I've been away:
  • Bean has lost his damn mind. He attacks his tail all of a sudden, and almost constantly. We're taking him to the vet on Monday, but I've been Googling like a mad woman, and I've already diagnosed him with cat schizophrenia.

  • We've had the most beautiful weather the past couple of weeks with temps in the 70s and 80s. And the air smells like jasmine. I feel fortunate not to have allergies, because I can imagine they're a bitch this time of year.

  • How could Alex Lambert (Carol Brady hair) not have made the Top 12 on American Idol? I'm still watching while fast-forwarding through most of it, but I don't really care who wins because I kind of hate them all. What a craptastic season.

  • My city is having a 5K in May, and I'm gonna do it. It's a run/walk, but my goal is to run most of it. It's only 3 miles. I should be able to work up to that in a month and half, right?

P.S. How hilarious is that photo above? The person was too bored to even finish writing how bored they were!


  1. that photo is awesome. also, you should look into - a few of my friends said this was a good way to start running. My hubs and I should be doing a 5k in the near future too, exciting but scary!

  2. It's so great to see that you are posting again. I've been looking into your blog a couple of times a week, so I am happy to see that you are back. Yay!