Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Etsy Goods

I could spend hours looking at the beautiful handmade and vintage things on Etsy.


Dandelion vase:


I think this is so cute even though it reminds of high school biology, pretending as hard as I could that I was participating when I wasn't turning around to take deep breaths and dry heave:


Adorable butter dish:


Do you have any favorites on Etsy?


  1. I would love to own a couple of the rings made from vintage pocket watch parts, I've never seen it before and it really cought my eye. I love pocket watches and got an old one from Ron about 2 years ago, I usually wear the watch as a necklace. Etsy was great, I will definitely check back soon.

  2. Blah. I remember HS biology. The girl that I was partnered with was just as freaked out about the frog as I was, so we ended up giving it to the pair of boys that say behind us and they flicked fogs eggs at us for the rest of the period.

    Good times. : )

  3. hahaha that disected frog is bomb! i love it!!!! :) i can't stop laughing!

  4. We never got to "play" with frogs in biology! Over the terms of our three years in high school we got to disect octopus and pig hearts. After that we deep fried the octopus and were asked to taste it. It was way too chewy. Thinking back, I think I would have prefered a frog.

  5. Cute finds. I love that vase!
    I don't really have any Etsy favorites; I just love exploring and finding new things.