Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is it 2010 yet?

I'm so behind. I have so much to post, but I've been so busy and exhausted and just barely keeping a cold at bay. Today is my last shift at my seasonal job for this week, then we're having friends over tomorrow night for New Year's Eve, so I'll be back with new posts either Friday or Monday. But, I've been enjoying reading all your blogs!

I'm looking forward to a very quiet, empty-scheduled start to the new year.


  1. Amen sister. Have a fun New Years!

  2. Are you ready to be done with your seasonal job? I think that would be exhausting. You are at Crate & Barrel right?

    So, I was in Chicago on Monday. I about had a heart attack in Crate and Barrel. Died. Went to heaven. And, then I came back to spread the Gospel of Christmas sales (and to pick up a rug, a table runner or two, and the 12 days of Christmas ornaments).

    It's probably for the best that I don't have a store nearer to me.

  3. I hear you, I can't seem to get it together either! Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for spending New Years Eve with us. We all enjoyed your company, the pizza, and also... I am still eating of that chocolate cake that was so nicely decorated, haha!
    My parents says hi!