Monday, October 26, 2009

5 Days Til Halloween!

If I had to pick a favorite holiday, it would be Christmas, but Halloween is a close second. Very close. Like, Christmas needs to watch its back close.

And, if there's one thing I can't understand, it's adults that don't like Halloween. If there's nary a pumpkin on your porch and you turn off your lights and hide in the dark on the 31st like a big ole scrooge, I don't even want to know you. When I was a kid, we could trick-or-treat at nearly every house on the block, but it seems now that more and more houses are dark. Sad. So every year we make it a point to really decorate our yard and then we watch scary movies while we hand out candy. This year we're going to a Halloween party, but late, because I wouldn't miss handing out candy. It's my favorite part.

We've put up about 1/2 of our porch/yard decor. We're behind because of the moving (lots of house updates coming, too!). We're putting up more today, with a few things being saved until just before dark on Halloween. That day Mark will get on the roof to put our scary funkin on top of the chimney, we'll put dry ice in the mailbox and fire up our fog machine, and put the strobe light on the lawn to light up the whole scene in eerie flashes.

But we've already put up what I consider our big gun. This guy makes people that are walking or driving by stop and point.

We tend toward more adult/scary decorations outside, maybe because we don't have kids yet, but we've never had any kids, even the tiny ones, be too scared to come to the door. Nothing would keep me away from getting candy either.
More pictures tomorrow...


  1. Does traveling hundreds of miles across mountains and deserts in a quest to get pumpkin beer count as Halloween spirit?

  2. Lol Vic! It would, but you guys didn't go to the brewery!