Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, we're officially three weeks into Phase 1 (which we estimated would take two weeks), with about two more weeks to go. Why do these things always take longer than planned? The good news is that Mark and I have only wanted to kill each other one of those days. Not bad.

The worst part is finally over - the plaster dust. Holy God, the dust. Mark may loathe textured walls, but do I ever understand why it was invented. You just spray that crap on and call it done. Instead, we've spent countless hours plastering cracks and blemishes, and sanding them, and replastering them, and sanding again, and on and on trying to make them look perfect. And you know what? That's impossible, which is very unsettling for an anal freak like me. And we've sucked enough dust to have surely taken a couple of years off our lives.

I've finished staining and clear-coating all the interior doors. They look like this (which is also how the floors will look):

And best of all, we got our new refrigerator, courtesy of Mark's mama. It's a behemoth in our little kitchen, but it's oh so pretty. It will look like it belongs someday, when we redo the kitchen. Behold the dream fridge, surrounded by garbage:

Now we're on to paint! Then refinishing the floors which have already been sanded (by Mark) and taped for painting (by me, which resulted in numerous muscle aches and a 3-day limp). The joys of remodeling!


  1. If we had the space I would get a good looking
    fridge as yours, but as of right now, it would take over the whole kitchen! :) Loving the stain on the door.